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PP Development
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Hi, My Name is Abdul-Hakim 

I am a student of SoS Hermann Gmeiner  College.

I am currently In MYP5, and if you know Personal Project is very crucial thing to me right now.

I have created this Channel as a way of documenting my progress and challenges in my PP.

It will be fun actually:

I will be making a simple Blockchain

I will be creating A web Dapp

I will be creating  smart contract with Ethereum and other Blockchains out there

My main aim is to educate people on what the Web 3.0 or the new Blockchain Wave is about. 

I chose this project or topic because I have passion for blockchain and want people to know how exciting and incredible blockchain is.

I am sure by the end of my PP. I would have converted you to Blockchain TechPreneur and an enthusiast like me. 

My Role model is a Canadian-Russian Genius. Who doesn't even know who I am. Yeah you guessed it VITALIK BUTERIN. 

Finally, Feel free to request to join and I will Accept Gladly. 

if you also want to document your process like me create a similar channel and leave our write our history here together

:) Have a nice day!


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